Episode 56: Count Mapula’s Dracula Spectacula: The Ultimate Countdown!

Episode 56: Count Mapula’s Dracula Spectacula: The Ultimate Countdown!

In this episode, MaKayla from Florida in the United States faces the ultimate test of patience at school. Meanwhile, Zara and Leo are at a theme park waiting in line for the most popular ride. Will they EVER get a turn?

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In this episode, children will:

  • learn good things are worth waiting for
  • understand the value of practising patience
  • relate to the story of MaKayla and how she practised patience at school

Discussion Questions

  • What was the name of the ride Leo and Zara were waiting to go on?

  • MaKayla had to practise patience during a test. When was the last time you had to practise patience at school?
  • Think about the last time you had to wait for something you really wanted. How did you feel once you got what you were waiting for?


    What Does It Mean To Be Present? By Rana DiOrio
    This book shares practical ways for children to practise being present each day.
      I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde
      An encouraging story paired with a guided meditation to help children practise mindfulness
      Alphabreaths: The ABCs of Mindful Breathing by Christopher Willard
      A quirky book with different mindfulness strategies that children can practise while waiting.


          1. Try our Mindful Brain Breaks Activity from our Gratitude and Mindfulness Printable Kit. This activity offers your children a way to practise being present and mindful while they wait.


          2. Listen to Big Life Kids Podcast Episode 21: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Mindfulness! Leo and Zara share practical strategies to help children practise mindfulness when dealing with stress.

          3. Impatience can often lead to frustration. Use the My Strategies to Feel Calm poster in our Resilience Kit to teach children emotional regulation. Whenever they feel frustrated about waiting, they can refer to the poster for quick, effective ideas to cope.



            Produced by Alexandra Eidens and Big Life Journal team. Written and directed by Sarah Cyrano. Sound design and original music by Elettra Bargiacchi. Sound mixing by Mattia Marcelli. Characters played by Sean Chiplock and Ryan Bartley. Managed by Laura Maloney. 


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