Can I buy the journal in a store?

Big Life Journal resources can only be purchased directly on our website. We ship from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

*PDF resources are digital files which are not shipped.

How much is the journal?

You can see the prices for all of our journals here.

What is the difference between the journals?

Each of the journals we offer contain lessons and practices that help your child develop a growth mindset, but they all provide completely unique experiences! To learn about each journal in more detail, make sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of each product page, where we go over the differences and provide much more information about each journal.

I’m not sure what to get for my child. What do you recommend based on their age?

We know that since every child is different (even at the same age/grade level!) it can be difficult to decide which resource they would respond to the best. The good news is that there's no wrong place to start with Big Life Journal!

All of our product pages have numerous photos and videos of the contents of our journals and PDF kits. This will surely help you make a decision on which resource you would like to try. You can choose the resources that you think your child will respond to best and start with that.

* Tip: To see each product in more detail, make sure to click on the tabs at the bottom of each product page, where we provide much more information about each resource.

Do you have anything for adults / college students?

Adults are loving our Teen journal and some of our other teen resources.
Check out these articles from our blog for more information on growth mindset in adults:

  • 4 Ways to Handle Fixed Mindset Adults In Your Kids’ Lives
  • Growth Mindset: 3 Reasons You Struggle to Teach It

  • You can also check out our parenting Facebook group: Raising Kids with a Growth Mindset

    Are your journals / printables available in other languages? Can you translate your resources into my language?

    The Big Life Journal is available in English only. We do have some resources in French and Spanish (printables and posters).

    Please note that our copyright policies do not allow making any changes to our resources. We are already working on translating our Growth Mindset Printables Kit into other languages in 2021. We are not looking for any additional translators at this time.

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    If I order now, when will I get the journal?

    The timeframe for delivery will depend on the method you choose to ship your order. We have several shipping options. Please see shipping information here.

    Do you ship to my country?

    We ship to Australia and New Zealand.

    Customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and USA, shop at our USA store here.

    UK/EU customers, shop at our USA store here

    We recommend our digital membership for customers in other countries.

    How much is the shipping charge?

    Shipping charges depend on the products you order and your location. After providing your delivery information during the checkout process, the shipping options and associated costs will be shown in checkout.

    See here for more information about our Shipping Policy.


    Where is my download link?

    The email address you provided during checkout is where the order confirmation email is sent. Your order confirmation email is sent to you as soon as your order is placed and contains the link to any PDF digital resources that you have ordered.
    You might also find the download link in a separate email that was sent to you from "SendOwl".
    Please make sure to also check the Spam/Junk folder of your email account in case it landed there.

    Can you print the PDF kits for me and mail them to me?

    PDF digital products are only available as a digital file and will not be mailed. You may print at your local library, print shop, or use an online printing company such as this one.

    I'm having problems with printing my kit

    Please see our Printing Tips and Troubleshooting Guide for helpful information about printing your digital kit.


    I have not been receiving my free printables

    Please make sure you are signed up for the correct mailing list (based on your location) in order to ensure the emails are delivered to you.

  • USA website sign up here
  • AUS/NZ website sign up here

    * do not subscribe to more than one. The exact same content is sent to all subscribers. Signing up for the correct website ensures your newsletter will have links to the applicable website where you can place orders.

    If you were previously subscribed but no longer receive our emails, the system may have auto-unsubscribed you. This happens if you stop opening our emails after a period of time. Please subscribe again and make sure to open our emails each week in order to continue receiving them.

  • Where can I listen to the Big Life Kids Podcast?

    You can find more information about our free Podcast here.

    Can you donate journals to my organisation?

    To be considered for a donation, please fill out the following form: Big Life Journal Nomination for Donation.