EP 23 - Build Bridges of POSITIVITY in Techno Paradise!

EP 23 - Build Bridges of POSITIVITY in Techno Paradise!

Zara and Leo head to Hong Kong to make dumplings in an authentic Cantonese food market. But they soon find out that it’s harder than they thought. Follow Leo and Zara as they try to focus on the POSITIVES and learn about Dr. Jamie Chiu, the psychology student who created a computer game to help teenagers around the world.


In this episode, children will:

  • discover how to focus on the positives 
  • travel to Hong Kong
  • be inspired by Dr. Jamie Chiu, psychologist and founder of The Brightly Project

      Supplemental Resources



      More About Dr. Jamie Chiu


      1. Complete Weeks 25 & 26 "Be Positive" in the Big Life Journal - 1st Edition. In this chapter, children will practice being positive about a situation, a person, and their life. They will learn that when you’re positive, you look for good things in any circumstance.

      Big Life Journal - Be Positive  

      2. Use the 7-Day Positivity Challenge (in our Challenges Kit) to encourage a more positive attitude in your child. Each activity takes only a few minutes and helps rewire your child’s brain to be more positive.

      3. Repeat Growth Mindset Affirmations (in our Growth Mindset Printables Kit) with your children to increase self-esteem, promote positive thinking, and change negative self-talk.

      4. Check out the Podcast Activity Kit for Seasons 1 & 2. The kit includes engaging activities to boost self-esteem, teach the importance of learning from mistakes, encourage resilience and more! 

      Podcast Activity Kit PDF (ages 5-11)

      Discussion Questions

      • What kind of bridges would you like to build in your brain? (positivity bridge, kindness bridge, gratitude bridge, etc.)
      • How do you make the positivity bridges in your brain stronger? (by using it more often and finding positive things in any situation)
      • Who is the most positive person you’ve ever met? What qualities did you appreciate about them? What can you do to be more like them?

      For Parents and Teachers


      Produced by Alexandra Eidens and Big Life Journal team. Written and directed by Sarah Cyrano. Sound design and original music by Elettra Bargiacchi. Sound mixing by Mattia Marcelli. Characters played by Sean Chiplock and Ryan Bartley. Managed by Kait Bibb. 

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