Big Life Journal Buddies Video Series

$139.95 AUD

This engaging 22-episode growth mindset video series is a companion to our wildly popular Big Life Journal for Kids (2nd Edition) and provides your child with a Growth Mindset Mentor and designated journal buddy.

Your child will go through their Big Life Journal together with Buddie who will share her own personal stories and experiences of developing and embracing a growth mindset.

Watch a message from Buddie to parents.

These engaging Growth Mindset videos will help your child get the meaning of the journal while having fun! It's screen-time for your child you will feel good about!

Watch a preview of Episode 4 and see how Buddie teaches different ways mistakes can help you grow.

Check out this preview of Episode 10 where Buddie teaches kids how to be unique by just being themselves.

Each 15-Minute Episode Covers a Topic in the Big Life Journal.

Buddie guides your child on topics that include:

  • Learning from mistakes
  • Facing challenges with confidence
  • Believing in themselves
  • The power of perseverance

“Buddie is a great growth mindset role model for children!”

- Monica Boomgard, Doctor of Education

"This is really a nice change from the cartoon universe and the dumbing down of our children. Emily played it repeatedly!"

- Susan Doe, a parent