GrowthMinded Membership for Professionals (7-Day Free Trial)

GrowthMinded is a new membership by Big Life Journall where you will be empowered and supported to raise strong, kind, successful, and fulfilled children who will shine their light into the world.

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GrowthMinded is a digital membership by Big Life Journal. You may cancel at any time.

This is the Professional License version of our GrowthMinded membershipIt is ideal for individuals or organizations in private practice that charge for their services. Individual educators may purchase a standard membership to use the resources in their classroom.

NOTE: The professional license allows access for up to 10 individuals from your organization. Once your free trial has ended and your professional license purchase has been processed (on the 8th day of your trial), please reach out to our team at to have the 10 individuals added to the GrowthMinded membership.

Inside GrowthMinded, you'll find the resources already tested by over a million families, educators, and therapists worldwide. With just a few minutes a day, you can grow your skills as a parent, find support inside our nurturing community, and easily find activities to help your child.

    We understand the overwhelming demands you face daily. We also know you want to do your best as a professional to help raise happy, independent, and confident children.

    - A searchable resource library offering an array of simple and engaging printable and print-free activities, posters, guides, and videos. 
    - Search the resource library by age, topic, and type of resource.
    - Find effective and fun activities that build confidence, regulate big emotions, and a growth mindset.
    - A supportive, interactive community where you can connect and share experiences with other professionals. 

          Who is this membership for? 

          Parents, teachers, and professionals who want to raise confident, resilient children.

          What ages is the content for? 

          You’ll find resources and advice tailored for children under 5, 5-8, 9-12, and teens. You’ll also find resources and advice to help you improve your mindset as an adult.

          How do I get access?

          After you purchase, you’ll be emailed asking you to set your password. The first time you log in, you'll be asked a few questions to personalize your user experience.

          Can I use it on my mobile device?

          Yes, GrowthMinded is accessible on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet devices.

          I don’t have a printer, can I still benefit from a membership?

          Yes! We have many activities that are “print-free”, including our parent guides, scripts, videos, and specific activities. You can also access the community channel chats, live events, masterclasses, and more.

          When does my free trial start?

          Your risk-free trial starts immediately after purchase. Your authorized membership payment will be processed on the 8th day and recur until canceled; Quarterly $197 and Yearly $597. 

          How do I cancel my membership?

          Go to your profile at the top, right corner of your GrowthMinded dashboard and select "Manage Subscription". 

          Are there restrictions on how many PDF resources or videos I can access per day or month?

          During your free trial, you can download up to 3 resources per day. After your free trial ends, you'll have unlimited access to hundreds of resources. 

          By purchasing this product, you will be charged the above amount every 3 months or 12 months until you cancel. You may cancel at any time. You agree to Big Life Journal's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, by subscribing.