We're excited to announce that we're taking WEEKLY submissions for our blog! We're looking for long-term relationships with a few writers. So if we like your first submission, we will reach out to you with more writing requests.

Current submission topic: INTRINSIC MOTIVATION (see below examples)

Deadline: September 9th (Saturday)


Big Life Journal writing submissions


Sample article titles

Here are some IDEAS for what we're looking for, please feel free to create your own title. 

  • 10 Ways to Encourage Intrinsic Motivation in Children
  • Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids
  • 6 Ways to Motivate Your Kids

Very important

Please be familiar with our journal before submitting content. You can watch a short video of the journal on our main page and/or flip through the journal in a digital format here

All our articles are based heavily on research.

Our target audience is parents and teachers of kids ages 5-11. Our audience is international, primarily based in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. 

We pay our writers $US 50 per article. 

The topics we're interested in

These are the topics we will be covering in the future. Current submissions should be ONLY for the topic indicated on the top of this page. 

Growth mindset
Setting & Tracking goals 
Appreciation for failure
Growth Mindset children's books & activities
Growth Mindset for parents
Intrinsic motivation
Self-belief & confidence
Power of YET
Positive thinking/affirmations
Personal accountability
Problem Solving skills
Critical thinking
Love of learning (life-long)
Attitude of Gratitude 
Making a difference in the world


  • 1000-2000 words
  • the article MUST be original and never published before. We will reserve the right to the article, so you won't be able to republish it anywhere else.
  • the article MUST be relevant for parents and/or teachers of kids ages 5-11
  • the article MUST have the "look and feel" of our blog. Please read our first published article here and second published article here (don't worry about the graphics). 
  • the article MUST include actionable recommendations
  • the article MUST include references to at least THREE authoritative sources: a research study, a published book, a research article or paper. The more references the better. 
  • the article MAY include personal stories

How to submit:

  1. Email your article to hello@biglifejournal.com 
  2. Subject line must say: "Article submission:" + TITLE of your article (must be about the topic listed on the top of this page)
  3. In the body of the email, include (1) your NAME, (2) link to your WEBSITE, (3) your short BIO
  4. PASTE the article into the body of the email, NO attachments will be opened. Please ensure the formatting of the article is okay (paragraphs are separated, etc.).

Writers who do not follow the guidance above will not receive a response.  Thank you for understanding!