Positivity & Connection Kit PDF (ages 5-11)

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Purchase this kit or join GrowthMinded and easily find a resource for your child's exact needs, whether it's boosting their confidence, resolving sibling fights, or addressing disrespectful behavior. We collected our popular printables, exclusive print-free activities, and parenting scripts inside GrowthMinded. Now, finding what you need is super easy!

Our Positivity and Connection Kit is a collection of printable worksheets, games, activities, and coloring sheets for children to promote a positive attitude and strengthen their connection with others.

Often negative thinking leads to a closed mindset — "I can't do this", "I'm not good enough", "This is stupid", "Nobody likes me", etc.

With this printable kit, you can help children train (and rewire) their brains to become MORE positive — "I'm going to try even if it's hard"," I'm enough", "My friends like me", "I'm a good person", etc.

These fun and engaging activities will help your children to

  • rewire their brains to be more positive
  • develop a more positive outlook on the world around them
  • boost their self-esteem and confidence
  • strengthen their sense of belonging and connection with the family

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This bundle includes over 90 digital pages that you can print out at your convenience for use at home or as part of your classroom or homeschool.

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Customer Reviews

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Belinda Bernard
What a great way to...

What a great way to get your children engaged & in tune with themselves.

What a great way to get your children engaged

What a great way to get your children engaged & in tune with themselves.

So helpful!

There are so many helpful tools from this company! We look forward to diving in deeper.

Great resource

I’ve bought this package and several others and am always so impressed with them all! So thankful for big life journal - they have helped my kids and us as parents navigate some of those tricky parts of life!


We appreciated the activities and insights. It's nice being able to return to them when needed.

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