52 Parenting Affirmations to Help You Feel Positive and Empowered Each Week

52 Parenting Affirmations to Help You Feel Positive and Empowered Each Week

While there isn’t a magic wand to remove all the stress from parenting or give us extra hours for ourselves, there is a small thing that may have a big impact: Parenting affirmations.

Affirmations for parents are more than positive thoughts. They can retrain our subconsciousness to help increase our motivation to solve problems, find goodness in the world, and accept ourselves as we are.

And as we grow, we can better model positive behaviour for our children. There are even affirmations for kids!

By creating and reciting affirmations as a family, you can start to mold a healthier mindset for yourself and your child.

How to Use Parenting Affirmations

The best affirmations, whether for parents or others, focus on effort—in other words, a growth mindset is a significant part of effective affirmations.

There are a few things affirmations generally have in common. They are:

  • in the first person,
  • in the present tense or future tense (“I will”), referring to today or tomorrow,
  • focused on the positive and providing solutions,
  • emotionally impactful.

When you’ve chosen your parenting affirmation, say it out loud several times in the morning, the evening, and anytime you need a reminder. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day, out loud if possible.

Sometimes, an affirmation may feel like a “lie” at first, as you may not feel the way your affirmation says you do. To help make it feel true, remind yourself of a time you did feel that way so you remember it’s possible.

For an affirmation to work, it needs time. Don’t expect an affirmation to “stick” after a day or two. Give each one at least a week and, if you like it, keep using it.

While affirmations are personal, it can be difficult to know where to start. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 52 affirmations for parents—one per week—to try out. While we’ve suggested weeks, you don’t need to go in this order; you can skip around to the type of affirmation you need.

Let’s dig into these parenting affirmation ideas.

Weeks 1-4: Parenting Affirmations When You Feel Overwhelmed

Life is messy. Things go wrong. And even when things are going right, there’s always a lot happening. Parents often feel like everything has to be handled at once, with no hint of exhaustion or imperfection. 
But we can only put one foot in front of the other, just like everyone else.

These first four affirmations for parents are for those times when we need to pause and take a deep breath.

1. I can ask for help.

2. I can’t control the future, but I can meet its challenges.

3. When I think I can’t do something, I will add “yet” to the end of the thought.

4. I focus on progress, not perfection.

Parenting Affirmations When You Feel Overwhelmed

Weeks 5-8: Parenting Affirmations About Loving Parenthood

If we’re truly honest with ourselves, there are likely days when being a parent can seem like too much. We may be going through a difficult phase with our children or struggling with our own insecurities.

These feelings are normal, even if no one talks about them. They don’t make you a bad parent!

That said, here are some parenting affirmations to remind you of parenthood’s truest rewards.

5. I love my children, no matter what today brings.

6. My children love me, no matter what today brings.

7. I’m the best parent for my child, which why they are mine.

8. My children don’t want perfection; they want me to be there.

Parenting Affirmations About Loving Parenthood

Weeks 9-12: Parenting Affirmations When Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong

There are times when “overwhelmed” doesn’t begin to describe what is happening. We’re referring to when you have the flu, you get a call from the school about your kid’s behaviour, the dog jumps over the fence, your children fight all evening, your partner has to work late every night this week, and you just feel like screaming. 

Maybe you do scream. These things happen!

This is an excellent time to step back, validate and accept your feelings, and try to move on with the help of the next four affirmations.

9. Admitting things are rotten doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

10. I view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

11. Some days are better than others; that doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent.

12. Tomorrow is a new day.

Parenting Affirmations When Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong

Weeks 13-16: Parenting Affirmations When You’re in a Difficult or Upsetting Situation

Parent-teacher conferences. Family gatherings with that one relative. A traffic jam on your way to your child’s soccer game.

Planned or unplanned, we all find ourselves in difficult or upsetting situations we don’t want to be in. With these affirmations, you may find yourself better prepared to handle them—and perhaps find some strength you didn’t know you had.

13. I can handle anything for X minutes/hours. (Note: Use this one for planned events, starting to repeat it at least a week before the events occur.)

14. I can choose to leave situations that make me uncomfortable.

15. I give myself permission to set boundaries.

16. I can adapt to changes in my plans and expectations.

Parenting Affirmations When You’re in a Difficult or Upsetting Situation

Weeks 17-20: Parenting Affirmations to Remind Yourself You Matter

Your children matter—but so do you.

Forgetting we matter can make it hard to be fully present for our children and others who need us. As they say on airplanes, “put on your oxygen mask before helping your child with theirs.”

Here are some reminders to repeat when you need to check in on yourself and acknowledge your own needs.

17. I know taking breaks isn’t the same as giving up.

18. My feelings are valid.

19. My mental and physical health matters as much as my child’s.

20. I have many skills to overcome obstacles.

 Parenting Affirmations to Remind Yourself You Matter

Weeks 21-24: Parenting Affirmations to Communicate with Your Children

Talking to our children can be challenging at times, whether we’re talking about successes, opportunities for growth, or negative situations. As they grow and change, it can become more difficult to communicate with them effectively.

Below are parenting affirmations for when you’re feeling a disconnect with your children.

21. My child and I are a team, we solve problems together.

22. I can practise listening.

23. I meet my child where they are.

24. I learn from my child.

Parenting Affirmations to Communicate with Your Children

Weeks 25-28: Parenting Affirmations When You Are Frustrated

We all want to throw our hands up and say, “I’m done!” from time to time, when our frustrations begin to take over. These feelings happen to everyone.

For times like this, acknowledging the feeling and repeating a few relevant affirmations can help you remain calm and find balance again.

25. I will remember everyone is learning and growing, like me.

26. Being frustrated doesn’t make me a bad parent; it makes me human.

27. I can’t control how I feel, but I can control how I behave.

28. It’s okay to wonder how things could be, but I can find joy in how things are.

Parenting Affirmations When You Are Frustrated

Weeks 29-32: Parenting Affirmations When You Feel Judged

We’ve all been there. Friends and strangers who are “just trying to help.” Some have good intentions, and some are just nasty.

We may internalize these judgments or, without prompting, look at some of our missteps and begin to judge ourselves. It’s not always easy to just let things go. 

However, some affirmations can help you sort through the judgment and rise above.

29. I have a choice in what parenting advice I listen to.

30. I refuse to be shamed by strangers.

31. What works for someone else may not work for me.

32. I can practise self-reflection without self-judgment.

Parenting Affirmations When You Feel Judged

Weeks 33-36: Parenting Affirmations  When You’re Worried About Your Child

The gut feeling something just isn’t right when it comes to our children is the worst.

Or perhaps we see the signs, for example a change in behaviour, lower grades or the realization that you just don’t “get” your child.

This is where affirmations for parents come in—they can help empower us to take action against our worries and address any potential causes.

33. I will ask for help for my child, even if it’s scary.

34. I will work with my child’s team (teachers, family members, etc.) to help them succeed.

35. I accept my child is different from how I was at their age.

36. I trust my instincts.

Parenting Affirmations  When You’re Worried About Your Child

Weeks 37-40: Parenting Affirmations Regarding Your Child’s Independence

As our children learn and grow, they become increasingly independent. We know we need to let them go and try things alone, but we also want to make sure they have the skills to stay safe, be successful, and stand up for themselves.

These parenting affirmations are here to provide some peace of mind as your children become increasingly independent.

37. I  trust my child to solve many problems on their own.

38. I teach my child to set boundaries.

39. I remind my child they are capable of anything if they try.

40. I recognise when my child needs my intervention vs. when they need my encouragement.

Parenting Affirmations Regarding Your Child’s Independence

Weeks 41-44: Parenting Affirmations Regarding Your Independence

Think back to before you had your children. Who were you then? What did you want out of life?

Even if your biggest dream was to have children, there were likely other things you desired or enjoyed unrelated to parenthood. That person is still there, and is worthy of being heard.

Use the affirmations below as a reminder you can be your own person while also being a parent.

41. I’m allowed to have and pursue hopes and dreams for myself.

42. I give myself permission to have an identity outside of being a parent.

43. I can balance my needs with my child’s.

44. Pursuing what I'm passionate about sets a good example for my child.

Parenting Affirmations Regarding Your Independence

Weeks 45-48: Parenting Affirmations for Finding Happiness

It’s okay to be unhappy. And it’s okay—healthy even—to acknowledge those feelings and embrace them as part of the human experience.

But try to not dwell on them. See if you can redirect your energy to something positive, using these affirmations as guidance.

45. I deserve happiness.

46. I will assume positive intent in others.

47. I will marvel at the small things.

48. I am grateful I’m alive today.

Parenting Affirmations for Finding Happiness

Weeks 49-52: Parenting Affirmations for Daily Life

Things are going well. Fantastic! Affirmations aren’t necessary, right? Remember: affirmations are not just for the bad times—they are to keep us motivated during the good times, too.

These final four affirmations can remind all us parents of our value and motivate us to keep a growth mindset, no matter what is going on in our lives.

49. l can live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past.

50. I learn and grow with my child.

51. I’m doing the best I can.

52. I make the world better, and so does my child.

Parenting Affirmations for Daily Life

What if Parenting Affirmations Aren’t Working?

As we mentioned in the affirmations, what works for one person may not work for everyone else. However, having a growth mindset means adding “yet” to the end of “I can’t.” Be sure you’ve given parenting affirmations a chance, including:

  • Repeating the affirmation:
    • first thing in the morning
    • right at bedtime
    • throughout the day when you need to shift your thinking or mood
  • Altering the language or creating your own affirmation

  • Believing “this will work” may have better results

If you’ve tried all of these and still are not feeling successful, it’s okay. You can keep working on your affirmations while also attempting a few other things:

  • Journaling: writing can help clear your mind of negative thoughts and let you move on. Consider including your favorite parenting affirmation inside the cover. While Big Life Journals are for children and teens, you could flip through your child’s journal for inspiration.

  • Vision Boarding: vision boards are affirmations for parents who prefer visuals. They express goals using images, short phrases, and objects. 

  • Asking for Help: the very first affirmation on our list is “I can ask for help.” School counselors, social workers, and teachers can offer resources for the entire family. Individual or family therapy shows a desire to grow. Whatever help you need, you are likely to find it.

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Affirmations for Parents: Let’s Do This

We all deserve to have our humanity affirmed, but that’s not always going to come from the outside. Our parenting affirmations can permit us to love ourselves, our lives, our children, and the world around us—even when it is difficult. They can make us more receptive to positives and more resilient when facing challenges.

Remember to repeat your affirmations at least twice a day for a minimum of a week. They don’t work overnight, but they may help you grow with a bit of time and practise.

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