Success Iceberg Poster (hardcopy)

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This colorful poster is a great visual reminder that success means things like effort, grit, failures, frustrations, and rejections. It also means kindness towards others and taking care of yourself. 

It shows there are no shortcuts and there are no overnight successes. 

This poster is printed on a high-quality eggshell card stock (non-glossy). The poster size is 11'' x 17'' (28 x 43 cm).

It is a perfect addition to a classroom, homeschool room, or child's bedroom. 

This poster is an important conversation tool to spark the discussion about success:

  • Ask your child to imagine they're on the ship in the sea and they see an iceberg (just like in this poster). Ask which part of the iceberg they can see from their ship.

  • Explain an iceberg has two parts: what people see (above the water line) and what people don’t see (beneath the water). Only a small part of an iceberg is visible, whereas the larger part of an iceberg is hidden beneath the water.

  • Explain that this is similar to when they see a successful person. They can only see the outcome of this person's actions and most of their accomplishments (the visible part of the iceberg). Whereas the efforts that were necessary to achieve such an outcome remain hidden and unnoticed (the invisible part of an iceberg that is beneath the water line).

  • Ask what they think they need to do to achieve success and fulfill their dreams (put forth effort, accept their failures, learn from mistakes, be kind and help others, etc.)

  • Expand the conversation by talking about your own successes and what it took you to achieve them.

  • Give an example of a famous person like Thomas Edison who went through ten thousand experiments before he invented his light bulb.