5 Essential Steps to Create a Growth Mindset Corner

5 Essential Steps to Create a Growth Mindset Corner

What if there was a place at home or in the classroom where kids can learn about the incredible power of their brain, problem solve, reflect on their mistakes, brainstorm ideas, work on projects, and dream big?

That place is called a Growth Mindset Corner!

What is a Growth Mindset Corner?

It’s a special space you can create at home (or in the classroom) where children can go to find inspiration or work through their challenges. It is a powerful tool for learning and practicing growth mindset and other key skills like problem-solving and goal-setting. 

When to Use It?

  • When kids are facing a problem and need to brainstorm solutions
  • When they are frustrated about a failure or mistake
  • When they want to create or invent something cool
  • While setting goals or dreaming about the future


How to Create One?

A Growth Mindset Corner can be tailored to meet your child’s needs and preferences. Get them on board and let them help design and put the corner together. When children take ownership, they are more invested in making it a place they want to use versus a space they have to use.

Follow these 5 simple steps to create an engaging and fun Growth Mindset Corner for your child or students.


1. Pick a Space

    • Find a space that is inviting and has enough room for your child to explore, stretch out, build, and create. This could be an actual corner, a desk area, or a small section of a room.
    • Add a comfortable place to sit using throw pillows, blankets, or yoga mats.

    growth mindset corner big life journal 

  1. 2. Decorate

      • Choose a style or theme.
      • Grab markers and paper and ask your child to sketch out what they want the corner to look like. For example, if your child is into computer games, be creative to incorporate that somehow into their Growth Mindset Corner.
      mario inspired growth mindset corner big life journal
      • Ask your child or students to go around the house or classroom to gather items to put in the corner.
      • Encourage them to create a vision board to be inspired and dream big.
      • Hang up or frame posters and quotes with encouraging and uplifting messages. Print and use the quotes from the Inspirational Quotes Bundle
      • Add hand-made drawings, photos of friends and family, and any colorful touches to make the corner inviting and personal.


      3. Include Music + Podcasts

        • Bring a device to play uplifting or calming music (find the Big Life Journal playlists on Spotify).
        • Print out The Top 35 Growth Mindset Podcasts (available in the Growth  Mindset  Printables Kit). Have them check off the podcasts they want to listen to.  
        • Invite your child or students to listen to music or podcasts while coloring or building something.

      • 4. Select Growth Mindset Books

      • Books are a great way to explore topics such as resilience, overcoming obstacles, kindness, and others.


        • Gather a variety of books that teach persistence, not giving up, following your dreams, and other important growth mindset topics.
        • Grab the Top 85 Growth Mindset Books broken down by age range (available in the Growth Mindset Printables Kit).


      • 5. Create an Activity Basket

      • Children's’ brains are constantly building new connections, growing, and changing. Doing and creating things is particularly beneficial for their brain growth.

        Create an activity basket that they can reach for when they are hanging out in their corner. Some things you can include: 

          • Modeling clay
          • Building blocks
          • Recyclable materials to make inventions (small boxes, straws, egg cartons, etc.)
          • Stretchy exercise bands (great for older kids!)
          • Art supplies (crayons, watercolor paints, markers, paper, glue sticks, tape, etc.)
          • Problem-solving step cards and blank sheets of paper (where they can brainstorm solutions) available in the Growth Mindset Activities Kit
          • 7-Day Gratitude Challenge from our Challenges Kit
          • Book Review printable available in the Growth Mindset Printables Kit

        challenges kit gratitude jar big life journal



        A Growth Mindset Corner can evolve over time. Decorations can be swapped out for new ones, posters can be rearranged, and objects in the activities basket can be refreshed from time to time.

        Creating a Growth Mindset Corner is a fun project to do with kids. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect or overwhelming.  Brainstorm ideas with your kids and just start!

        Kids will love having a place to go that helps grow their brains, bolsters creativity and keeps them moving forward on their BIG LIFE journey.

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