5 Steps To Create a Growth Mindset Bulletin or Vision Board

5 Steps To Create a Growth Mindset Bulletin or Vision Board

Creating a growth mindset bulletin or vision board is a fun, positive activity that will help your children or students learn about and practice growth mindset! 

A Vision Board or a Bulletin Board?

A bulletin board is best for a classroom or large open space. A vision board is more appropriate for homes. 

Follow five simple steps below to create your spectacular growth mindset board! 

Growth mindset bulletin board challenge by Big Life Journal

1. Research Mindsets 

Before you begin working on your board, do some research. If you're not familiar with growth and fixed mindsets (or if you'd like to refresh your memory), use this list of helpful resources. The key is to understand the main differences between these two mindsets. 

2. Find Your Inspiration

There are a lot of great examples of bulletin and vision boards out there. You can do a simple Google image search to get inspired. Check out these creative ideas we saved on Pinterest for you: Bulletin Board Ideas and Vision Board Ideas. 

growth mindset bulletin board kids classroom home

3. Plan Your Board

Once you found a couple of inspirations for your board, it's time to start planning. You might need to do some basic sketching on a piece of paper first so that you can see the final layout. 

Before you start buidling, ask questions like:

Will our board have a theme (e.g., power of "YET" or affirmations)?

Which elements do we want to include (e.g., images, affirmations, graphics, puzzles, quotes, etc.)?

Will the board have a specific color scheme?

What materials do we need to create the board (e.g., printable kits, magazines, glue, colored paper, etc.)? 

Check out your local dollar store or craft shops for cardboard letters, presentation board, colored paper, and more. The possibilities are endless!

4. Build Your Board

Once you have your materials, it's time to get creative! You will need your building blocks: images, quotes, colored paper, ribbons, cardboard letters, graphics, etc. You will also need some tools like scissors, glue, staples, markers, colored pencils.  

Use the printable kits and posters by Big Life Journal as materials for your board! Be creative! 

Refer back to your board sketch (see Step 3) and continue to experiment with different layouts, designs, and colors. 

5. Display and Keep It Alive! 

Display your board someplace where it can become a powerful reminder for children and adults. Make a habit of reading out loud the quotes and affirmations on the board. 

If you have visitors, encourage children to talk about the board and what it means to them. 

Make changes to the board once in a while by updating quotes, images, adding new affirmations and drawings. This way it will always remain the center of attention! 

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